The LIV Project condemns systemic racism and violence. We stand in solidarity with the Black community. Systemic racism and the resulting generational trauma are undeniable triggers for, and in many cases are the root cause of, mental health conditions within the Black community, including depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. Here are some specific mental health resources for communities of color. #blacklivesmatter

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We are not a crisis resource center.

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A discussion guide.

Ask. Listen. Do.


  • When you ask me, I feel seen.
  • When you’re afraid to talk to me, you’re telling me what I’m feeling is too scary for you to hear.
  • If you sense something is wrong with me, there probably is.
  • Push past my “I’m okay” and just ask me, “what’s going on?”
  • Ask me, if I’ve thought about ending my life.
  • Ask me, if I’m having thoughts of suicide.


  • When you listen to me, I feel less alone
  • Listen to me without judgement.
  • Don’t try to solve it, just listen.
  • Keep checking on me and don’t be surprised if I struggle again in the future.
  • Just let me talk and listen to how I am feeling.
  • Be fearless to listen to me.


  • When you take action, I know you care.
  • Keep listening and being there for me.
  • Reassure me I’m not burden.
  • You may not need to do anything, but ask and listen.
  • You may need to call the suicide hotline with me to get help.
  • You can be that person for me.