Got Questions? We got answers:

What is The LIV Project?

The LIV Project was created in 2020 to engage millions of people in one of the greatest challenge of our time – turning the tide of youth suicide. We are a creative collective that develops ideas and products made by some of the most innovative and creative brands and human beings out there. Our output are products and ideas that will get people talking fearlessly and openly about their mental health in productive, and maybe even fun, way. 

Why was The LIV Project created?

The LIV Project was created because the numbers of youth suicide are simply going in the wrong direction. While numerous organizations are doing an incredible job in providing talking points, counseling and more, we have taken a different approach: develop product and ideas that actually stoke communication between  people, and in creative, maybe even fun, ways. While we don’t really know exactly why suicide and mental health struggles are increasing so quickly, we do know communication is critical to start the healing process. That’s why we champion a single idea: fearless communication.

How are The LIV Project and all its products related?

The LIV Project embraces a creative collective model whereby we invite creatives to submit ideas and projects that will help champion fearless communication and ultimately help turn the tide on youth suicide. Our team helps fund, develop and bring products to market. If you have ideas, please reach out to us on our contact page!

Is The LIV Project a company or a 501 (c) (3)?

The LIV Project is a social-impact company owned and developed by a group that has experienced the struggles of suicide. We also believe that the power of the marketplace and its impact on culture can be a force for good. Our mission as a company is to turn the tide on youth suicide by providing people products and ideas that open up fearless conversations and communication. Revenue is shared with our creators and put back into the company for further creative-product development. 

How are you defining "fearless communication"?

Ask. Listen. Do.

  • When you ask they feel seen.
  • When you’re afraid to talk you’re saying it’s so scary you can’t event talk about it.
  • If you sense something is wrong it probably is.
  • Push past “I’m okay” and ask “what’s going on?”
  • Ask have you thought about ending your life?
  • Ask are you having thoughts of suicide?
  • Be fearless to ask.
  • When you listen they feel less alone.
  • Listen without judgement.
  • Don’t try to solve it just listen.
  • Keep checking in.
  • Let people talk.
  • Be fearless to listen.
  • When you take action you show you care.
  • Keep being there.
  • Reassure they’re not a burden.
  • You may not need to do anything but listen.
  • You may need to call the suicide hotline to get help.
  • You can be that person.